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Who should I contact with any program related questions?

For General partnering inquiries, please email Otherwise, please reference the Channels Team Contact Sheet located on the left navigation pane under "Download Templates" and identify which team corresponds to the manufacturers program you would like to join.

How do I upload a report?

To upload a report, first ensure that you have the appropriate reporting template found under the Download Templates screen. After you have completed the reporting form click on Upload POS Data on the left hand panel. Select your company name, the contract in which the sales where under and the manufacturers products that were sold. If there were no sales for the month check the “no sales” box. If there were sales, click browse next to the file slot and search for the completed report. Once you have verified that all of the information that you have select is correct. Click Submit.

How do I edit my profile?

Click your username in the upper right corner of the page.

What is the process involved to resolve a discrepancy?

  • A discrepancy is an inconsistency on a Point of Sale report between the product or price represented to the customer (as documented within the PO) and the contract referenced on the Order (as represented by the price list effective at the Time of Sale).
  • All reported sales are analyzed at the line item level and categorized as either “APPROVED” or “DISCREPANCY”
  • Reasons for discrepant sales:
    1. Not on Contract: Was the item on the contract at the time of sale?
    2. Overcharge: If part was on contract at the time of sale, was it sold at or below the contract catalog price for the time of sale?
    3. Extended Price Error: Does unit sale price * quantity equal the extended sale price?
  • Partners have 45 days to resolve discrepancies.
  • immixGroup may require partners to submit a copy of the Govt PO, Vendor PO and quote issued to the customer for any orders that contain discrepancies.
  • Compliance Points of Contact:
    Telephone: 877-473-5273

What are the steps for joining a program in which I am not currently authorized?

immixGroup runs manufacturer driven programs that reward the partner community that is driving their business. To be connected with the appropriate account team refer to the Channels Contact Sheet (found under the left navigation pane within Download Templates”) and determine which team supports the manufacturer that you are interested in learning more about.

How quickly will I be notified if there is a discrepancy within my report?

You will be notified immediately upon submission that there are discrepancies.

Who is responsible for paying contract fees?

For sales made against immixGroup contracts (e.g. GSA, OH STS) , immixGroup will ultimately be paying the contract fee. Whether this fee is built into your cost or billed to the partner is dependent upon the Government contract and terms spelled out in the initial agreement that was executed between your company and immixGroup.